Up On The Creek

By R. La’Rae
15 Apr

Up On The Creek

feetagainWhen the winter of the world provides the most beautiful spring of your life. Who could have known in April of 2012  when the Signman gave me back my music, that it would be such a catalyst for monumental change. I mean when that domino fell, it was a real doozy. Who knew how difficult my departure from that cocoon would be. At another time and place I could go into so many tiny details of how I had the wonderful fortunate opportunity to land right here in Pitkin, Colorado.

So a 29 year marriage mixed  with a 45 year friendship and tada a partnership was born. My mind has not stopped dreaming since I first saw the Lodge there on the edge of town. The 3 of us have already worked hard to get here and will continue to do so in order to bring our guest the best we are able. Our goal is that each and everyone are happy to stay here at

Quartz Creek Lodge Pitkin and are looking forward to meeting everyone and hearing all the wonderful stories that you each hold so dear.

So, here I am shoveling snow and watching the sun melt the rest away. Here amongst all the new life on the ranches as so many new babies are born; I too have a new life and a rebirth. I am so very grateful to the hearts of the beautiful folks of Pitkin who have been so very welcoming.

Come by the Lodge and have some tea… If not you will find me Up On The Creek.

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