The Pitkin Picker

By Paul King (aka PK)
17 Apr

The Pitkin Picker

blog3 The adventure continues, while another chapter is opening for me in Pitkin, Colorado.   As an old military man, I spent close to thirty years in the service and retired a few years back.  Traveling has always been in my blood and I am currently residing half away around the world.   There comes a season when it’s time to settle down and with the help of a friend and a lot of work from my beautiful wife of 29 years, Pitkin has become the dream we have always longed for.

I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains in Southwestern Virginia and I guess you can take the man out of the mountains, but you can’t take the mountains out of the man.   From the first pictures I saw of Pitkin, I knew this was the place.  It is very beautiful and the people have been very welcoming and warm.  We took a leap of faith and with a lot of support things are coming together.

I have a great love of music and especially bluegrass music.  Growing up in the mountains this was the music that was handed down to me from my father and uncles who got together to play on Sundays at Grandmaw’s house.   Hence, the title of the blog as I consider myself a picker of guitar and banjo, a Flatpicker to be exact.  It is my hope that we can provide a place for other pickers to come and enjoy a wholesome place to share their music.  The bonus will be if you are our guest, we can hang out together around the fire or in the Mercantile and create great memories with music.

I will be joining in when I am able and will be there from time to time (eventually full time).  Robbin and John will be there to take care of you and are dedicated to making sure your stay is enjoyable.  I hope you will come visit us and enjoy the many adventures that are sure to come your way, see ya soon!!!

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