From The Wood Shed

By John Rowan
15 Apr

From The Wood Shed

CO 09 Vac 068In all the years that I have been coming to Pitkin, this would be the first season I have ever been here with snow on the ground. Kinda gives you a whole other look at things. Seemed so peaceful as I drove into town.   Was a light snow falling as I was pulling into town with the first load of my life’s collection of goodies that I had decided to keep and bring with me to my new home.  Not a stranger to this wonderful little town, been coming here since I was a little less than 2 years old, visiting the old family cabin that my Grampa had built.  Such a wonderful feeling it is to be knowing that very soon I will have a home set up and living where I have dreamed of being for many years.  Many people are excited to see me here full time, there seems to be so much support from everyone.

I gave up my job of almost 18 years when I was asked into a partnership to move to Pitkin and help run the lodge and a woodworking shop.  Had been in the same little town in Kansas for just about all of my 55 years.  Kinda shocked everyone when they heard that I was moving to the mountains, though it really didn’t surprise anyone, since the mountains is where I have always longed to be.

I am looking forward to getting the woodshop set up and running so I can begin building the needed items for the lodge and also to have a few things on the shelf to sell.  Am also looking forward to the spring run-off to be over soon so I can start the fishing season.  Want to really learn more about the fly fishing possibilities out here.  The part I am looking forward to the most is when the summer folks get here after the trails are open.  Love sharing my trail rides with everyone.  Since 2005 or so, I have logged many many miles on my ATV and more recently my RZR.  Have got to lead many folks on trail rides around the Pitkin area and have also got to set back and let others lead me on new trails.

So when ya get a chance stop by and introduce yourselves, we are really excited to meet you all.

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